Why US

Community & LIVABILITY

The experience of owning a land is incomplete without actually living on it. With every project at Wings, we prioritize this livability. Be it landscaping, water accessibility, canteens and cafes, an engaging community, a uniform aesthetic or any other essential amenities – we leave no stone unturned.

Our experience-first projects are built with the understanding that there is no substitute for the warmth of a community. Hence, we take all necessary measures to ensure prompt villa construction and a state-of-the-art concierge to deliver a cozy weekend get-away.

Around the world

With Around-The-World themes, every project at Wings brings the world closer to you. Be it Spanish, inspired living, Portugal villas, the spirit of Matheran or the Goan Courtyards – put a pin in the map and we can build the destination for you. Inspired by customer feedback, personal travels and market surveys, our thematic projects continue to be a success.

Wings believes in giving flight, covering distances and building dreams into reality with each of our project. We realize that our customers crave to get away from concrete jungles and step into artistic, culturally rich spaces – and we are sure to deliver just that.

Your Impression First

We begin by ensuring that your impression isn’t fogged by the artist’s impression. Trust begins with transparence and transparence begins with us. The growing uncertainty about project completion fuels customer skepticism, so we adhere to a single policy for all our projects – ‘Make before you Market’.

The emphasis on ‘Actual Images’ helps all our teams work in alignment with one purpose. Over the years, we have realized that this goal-setting has enabled us to deliver as promised. The growing customer trust has now validated our method and we continue the cycle of promised delivery – growing trust – consistent methods. 

Your Commitment First

Every promise made to our customer is considered as written in stone. Over the years our on-time project completion, has helped us gain the precious trust of hundreds of loyal customers. We give exactly what we commit, exactly when we commit and exactly how we commit.

Early on, we realized that the skepticism in the sector could only be overturned by actual delivery. We needed to prove our merit not just with words, but with action – not just for few but for all our customers. We believe consistency is key to quality and commitment the key to customer-satisfaction.

SOP-Guided Processes

We have standardized every process possible to deliver a smooth and refined customer experience. We have scaled-up and scaled-out without compromising our quality, thanks to our tried and tested SOPs, and regular staff capacity building trainings giving the exact results that our customers needed most.

The Wishlist Homes are built to ensure tranquility – we realize that a vacation begins at the start of the journey and not the destination. So, we designed the entire buying experience to be friction-free. The SOP-led processes continue to write success stories for us and holiday stories for our customers.

Inhouse Inventory

Early on we shifted to acquiring land and developing projects independently to encapsule our quality standards end-to-end. Today our inventory holds over 30 Million Square Feet across Maharashtra covering abundantly blessed natural landscapes, ready for your taking.

We exclusively focused on Maharashtra to date, given the data indications of our market research study. While second home buyers are scattered across India, – Maharashtra has emerged as the preferred second home destination for a substantial 30% of the respondents.

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